Leading an operation to nab a terrorist and her collaborators in Kenya, Col. Katherine Powell ends up in a political and moral quagmire as the mission changes and a drone strike is ordered, putting a young girl at risk of becoming collateral damage.
Based on reporter Kim Barker's memoirs about her experiences covering the Afghanistan war, this satirical look at a hopelessly confused conflict also chronicles the obstacles encountered by female journalists in a rigidly conservative region.
While Hitler saw the 1936 Berlin Olympics as an opportunity to demonstrate Aryan supremacy, one African-American man -- Jess Owens -- shattered that dream with a display of athleticism that resulted in four gold medals. This film tells his story.
Blackmailed by Russian gangsters, a group of corrupt Atlanta cops concoct a scheme to distract police from a bank robbery by killing one of their own in another part of town -- but things don't go as planned.

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