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Stephen Tobolowsky A ubiquitous character actor with a long list of credits, Stephen Tobolowsky was born in Dallas on May 30, 1951, and began his career onstage at Southern Methodist University.

After snagging small roles in movies and television, he collaborated with playwright Beth Henley and Talking Heads front man David Bryne to write the small-town comedy True Stories (1986) and appeared the following year in Spaceballs, playing the commander of Dark Helmet's guard. Memorable roles followed in high-profile films such as Mississippi Burning (1988), Sneakers (1992), Basic Instinct (1992) and Groundhog Day (1993), in which Tobolowsky delivered one of his most recognizable characters to date as insurance salesman Ned Ryerson.

More recent film work includes The Insider (1999), Memento (2000), Adaptation (2002) and Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party (2006), a documentary about his experiences in Hollywood.

The Barber

The Barber

2015 R

Decades after his detective father committed suicide for failing to put serial killer Eugene Van Wingerdt behind bars, the lawman's son resolves to bring him to justice -- by posing as an aspiring murderer looking to become Eugene's protégé.