Terrence Howard Terrence Howard

The son of multiracial parents, Terrence Dashon Howard was born March, 11, 1969, and raised in Cleveland. At the tender age of 19, with no acting experience, he struck out for New York City, where he conned his way into a role on "The Cosby Show." While pursuing a degree in chemical engineering, he landed a string of TV parts, and in 1993, he was cast in his first feature film, Who's the Man?

After earning favorable reviews for his turn in Mr. Holland's Opus (1995), he continued to work steadily in both TV and film, including roles in The Best Man (1999), the comedy smash Big Momma's House (2000) and Angel Eyes (2001).

His star on the rise, Howard received widespread acclaim for his performance in Crash (2004) as well as for his small but memorable role in Ray. As a pimp turned rapper in Hustle & Flow (2005), he earned more critical praise, also appearing in Four Brothers that same year.

Term Life

Term Life

2016 R

With multiple hit men closing in on him, Nick Barrow knows his life will soon be snuffed out. To provide for his daughter, Nick takes out a hefty life insurance policy -- but he has to remain alive for three weeks for the policy to go into effect.

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