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Tina Fey Born May 18, 1970, in Upper Darby, Pa., Tina Fey graduated with a drama degree from the University of Virginia in 1992. Soon after, she moved to Chicago, where she worked by day at a YMCA so she could take night classes at the renowned Second City and Improv Olympic comedy troupes.

Fey left the Second City stage in 1997 to write for "Saturday Night Live." Two years later, she became the show's first female head writer and won an Emmy for her work in 2002. But it was in 2000 that Fey really became known to audiences: Her dry wit and trademark black-rimmed glasses proved a hit when she joined Jimmy Fallon as co-anchor of the series' "Weekend Update" segment. In 2006, Fey left to write and star in the sitcom "30 Rock," which has earned her multiple Emmys and Golden Globes, including her first acting award in 2008.

Fey's writing credits also include the screenplay for Mean Girls (2004).

Monkey Kingdom

Monkey Kingdom

2015 G

This all-ages nature documentary follows the perilous lives of a monkey and her newborn daughter in the jungles of southern Asia. As part of a larger group, mom and baby risk starvation if they fail to abide by the stringent social rules.