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  1. Babe


    1995 Rated G 92 mins
    Director Chris Noonan's tale of precocious piglet Babe's (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh) struggle to fit in and become a champion sheepherder won the hearts of audiences and critics. Nominated for seven Academy Awards (including Best Picture), Babe won the Visual Effects Oscar, and everything from farmer Arthur Hoggett (James Cromwell) to the multitude of farm animals to the humble, edgy script is remarkably appealing for kids and adults alike.
  2. The Babe

    The Babe

    1992 Rated PG 115 mins
    From his start with the Boston Red Sox and controversial trade to the New York Yankees to his fall from stardom, this engaging biopic chronicles the tumultuous career and personal life of legendary ballplayer Babe Ruth.
  3. Babes in Toyland

    Babes in Toyland

    1961 Rated NR 105 mins
    Composer Victor Herbert's operetta comes delightfully to life in this 1961 fantasy starring Annette Funicello as Mary Contrary, whose fiancé, Tom Piper, (Tommy Sands), is abducted by a pair of goons. It seems that dastardly Mr. Barnaby (Ray Bolger) -- who covets Mary and her inheritance -- dispatched the thugs to get Tom out of the picture. When the dim-bulb duo double-crosses the boss, it sets off a search for Tom and a slew of comical chases.
  4. Babe: Pig in the City

    Babe: Pig in the City

    1998 Rated G 95 mins
    After winning the sheepherding contest, Babe (voiced by Elizabeth Daily) comes home to the reality that Farmer and Mrs. Hoggett (James Cromwell and Magda Szubanski) may lose their land. The prize porker and Mrs. Hoggett go to the big city in a desperate attempt to save the farm but become separated. On his own, Babe performs with the circus, is chased by stray dogs and becomes a leader among animals in director George Miller's Oscar-nominated sequel.
  5. Babes on Broadway

    Babes on Broadway

    1941 Rated NR 118 mins
    Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland reunite in this vibrant musical directed by Busby Berkeley. Thwarted in their attempts to break into the big time, showbiz wannabes Tommy Williams (Rooney) and Penny Morris (Garland) decide to stage their own Broadway production. Songs include "(I Like New York in June) How About You" and a selection of send-ups of performances by musical sensations -- including Rooney's hilarious Carmen Miranda imitation.
  6. Babes in Arms

    Babes in Arms

    1939 Rated NR 93 mins
    Mickey Moran's (Mickey Rooney, in an Oscar-nominated performance) and Patsy Barton's (Judy Garland) vaudevillian parents won't allow them to join their troupe, so they decide to put on their own show. But they'll have to do some fancy footwork to persuade the school administrators to support them. Directed by Busby Berkeley and based on Rodgers and Hart's popular Broadway hit, the musical romp was Rooney and Garland's first screen pairing.
  7. The Sandlot

    The Sandlot

    1993 Rated PG 101 mins
    Eager to make friends, new-kid-in-town Scotty (Tom Guiry) heads for the neighborhood sandlot, hoping to join a pickup baseball game. He's not any good, but the others grow to accept him as they teach him about the sport. His joy turns to horror, though, when he launches a ball signed by Babe Ruth into the junkyard of a crotchety neighbor with a menacing dog. Frightened, the boys test their mettle when they scheme to retrieve the ball.
  8. Whip It

    Whip It

    2009 Rated PG-13 120 mins
    Small-town teen Bliss dodges her mother's beauty pageant plans in favor of joining a knock-'em-sock-'em all-girl roller derby team. As Bliss gains notoriety on the track as Babe Ruthless, her thrilling double life begins to catch up with her.
  9. The Sure Thing

    The Sure Thing

    1985 Rated PG-13 95 mins
    Free-spirited Ivy League freshman "Gib" Gibson (John Cusack) makes plans to visit his friend in California over winter break, with the promise of a hot babe awaiting his arrival. But he's stuck driving cross-country with studious Alison (Daphne Zuniga), who can't stand him. But along the way, they come to eventually tolerate each other ... and perhaps even a bit more. Rob Reiner directs this coming-of-age romantic comedy.
  10. Babes in Toyland

    Babes in Toyland

    1997 Rated G 74 mins
    Christmas is upon the land, but Barnaby doesn't believe in toys, so he has plans to shut down the Toyland Toy Factory. Now, Jack and Jill must stop Barnaby's evil plot and save Christmas for everyone.