After serving time in lockup for insider trading, corporate tycoon Michelle Darnell sets out to reshape her public image. But her hilarious attempts at forgiveness make it difficult to find redemption.
Newly revived cyborg Henry has only been "alive' for five minutes when his wife is abducted by a power-mad despot, and it's up to Henry to save her. But with low battery power and no knowledge of the city he's in -- Moscow -- he has his hands full.
Superegos battle in superhero fashion while a new threat emerges in this sequel to "Man of Steel." With Batman decamping Gotham City for Metropolis to take on a Superman who's become too powerful, trouble brews for the rest of humanity.
In this off-the-wall addition to the "Barbershop" franchise, Calvin, J.D., Eddie and the whole cast of bizarre neighborhood characters stumbles through a new set of comical misadventures.