Photo of Aaron Paul Aaron Paul

Born Aaron Paul Sturtevant on Aug. 27, 1979, Aaron Paul grew up in Emmett, Idaho, but launched his acting career in Los Angeles in his late teens. He is best known for his Emmy-winning portrayal of crystal-meth cooker Jesse Pinkman (aka "Captain Cook") on the critically acclaimed cable drama "Breaking Bad." Paul's other cable work includes a recurring role on "Big Love," the HBO series about polygamy.

Among Paul's feature-film credits are Whatever It Takes (2000), in which he made his big-screen debut starring opposite James Franco, and producer Wes Craven's 2009 remake of the horror classic The Last House on the Left.

In one of Paul's earliest television roles, he appeared as an awkward high schooler on the ninth season of "Beverly Hills, 90210." Sharp-eyed hard rock fans may also recognize him from the Korn music video "Thoughtless."

Aaron Paul in Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence

2016 PG-13

When a career accountant reconnects with a former classmate who now works as a CIA operative, the mild-mannered number-cruncher soon finds himself waist deep in a lethal counterespionage operation.

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