Photo of Alan Alda Alan Alda

Alan Alda was born Jan. 28, 1936, in New York City, son of actor Robert Alda. Alan first made a name for himself onstage in the late '50s, then in the 1964 TV series "That Was the Week That Was."

He made his film debut that same year in Purlie Victorious and won leading roles in Paper Lion, Jenny and The Mephisto Waltz. Not until he was cast in the long-running sitcom "MASH," however, did Alda become a household name. During the show's run, Alda made occasional films -- Same Time, Next Year, The Seduction of Joe Tynan, The Four Seasons.

Post-"MASH," Alda often played against his "sensitive" TV image in such films as A New Life and Crimes and Misdemeanors. With his role as a slimy senator in 2004's hit The Aviator, Alda capped his impressive career with a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nod. He played a senator once again on TV's "The West Wing," for which he earned an Emmy nomination and win.

Alan Alda in Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies

2015 PG-13

At the height of the Cold War in 1960, the downing of an American spy plane and the pilot's subsequent capture by the Soviets draws Brooklyn attorney James Donovan into the middle of an intense effort to secure the aviator's release.

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