Photo of Ann-Margret Ann-Margret

Though she molded her early career around the image of an all-American teen, Ann-Margaret Olsson (aka Ann-Margret) was actually born in Valsjobyn, Sweden, on April 28, 1941, before moving to the United States with her family.

She was discovered by comedy icon George Burns while singing in a nightclub and subsequently carved out a recording career as "the female Elvis" before moving on to feature films such as Bye Bye Birdie (1963), which made her a star. She earned her first Oscar nomination starring in Mike Nichols's Carnal Knowledge (1971) and, after recovering from a serious stage injury, earned her second for the movie version of The Who's rock opera, Tommy (1975).

Later in life, she found success playing attractive older women in television movies and on the big screen in the comedies Grumpy Old Men (1993) and Grumpier Old Men (1995) with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon.

Ann-Margret in Grumpy Old Men

Grumpy Old Men

1993 PG-13

For decades, next-door neighbors and former friends John and Max (Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau) have feuded, trading insults and wicked pranks. When an attractive widow (Ann-Margret) moves in nearby, their bad blood erupts into a high-stakes rivalry full of naughty jokes and adolescent hijinks. Will this love triangle destroy the two old grumps? Or will the geriatric odd couple overcome their differences and rediscover their friendship?

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