Photo of Autumn Reeser Autumn Reeser

A fresh-faced television actress whose sex appeal and enviable curves landed her on Maxim's "Hot 100" list, Autumn Reeser was born in La Jolla, Calif., on Sept. 21, 1980.

After honing her skills in youth theater, Reeser moved to Los Angeles, took acting classes at UCLA and studied the business as an intern to a casting director. In her 20s, she won her first television role as an alien on "Star Trek: Voyager" (2001); the following year, she starred as Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch in the White House.

Reeser first gained a following as the scheming Taylor Townsend on the hit teen drama "The O.C.," appearing on the show's third and fourth seasons. She also showed off her singing chops as a spoiled mall owner's daughter in the made-for-television musical The American Mall (2008) and played a goddess living among human frailty in the CW dramedy "Valentine."

Autumn Reeser in Sully


2016 PG-13

Viewers around the world were astonished in 2009 when airline pilot Chesley Sullenberger safely landed an Airbus 320 on the Hudson River after both engines were disabled. This fact-based drama illuminates Sullenberger's life and heroic achievement.

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