Photo of Chris Haffey Chris Haffey

Chris Haffey in Videogroove Inline Skate Magazine: Vol. 20

VG20: Videogroove Inline Skate Magazine: Roots

2002 NR

This 20th issue appears at a time when we've seen rolling come full circle; VG figured it was time to bring back the classic aids, trannies, rail sections and more. VG20 contains profiles on Chris Haffey and Ryan Northwave; the full story on the Carlos Pianoski fight scene; bonus footage ... and much more. With all the hot pros and amateurs we've covered throughout the industry, this is a classic issue for sure!

  • Chris Haffey in IMYTA 11: N.Y., L.A., Amsterdam 2004 IMYTA 11: N.Y., L.A., Amsterdam 2004