Photo of D.J. Mendel D.J. Mendel

D.J. Mendel in Possible Films: Short Works by Hal Hartley

Possible Films: Short Works by Hal Hartley 1994-2004

2004 NR

Filmmaker Hal Hartley -- of The Unbelievable Truth, Simple Men, Amateur, The Book of Life and Henry Fool fame -- showcases his prodigious talents in this collection of short films he made between 1994 and 2004. Most of the movies featured here hold in common the wit and wonder that characterize Hartley's work. Includes "The Sisters of Mercy," starring Parker Posey and Sabrina Lloyd, and Hartley's groundbreaking play, "Soon."

  • D.J. Mendel in The Girl from Monday The Girl from Monday
  • D.J. Mendel in Charlie Charlie
  • D.J. Mendel in Fay Grim Fay Grim