Photo of David Janssen David Janssen

David Janssen in Tim Conway: Timeless Comedy

Tim Conway: Timeless Comedy

2006 NR

This collection of classic clips from the 1960s showcases the material that made a star of comedian Tim Conway. A master at donning the personas of numerous hilarious characters, Conway here portrays one of his early creations, self-proclaimed expert on everything Dag Hereford. Brace yourself for buffoonery as Conway bumbles through skits as a jockey, a race car driver and a prison warden. Guest stars include Bing Crosby and Steve Lawrence.

  • David Janssen in The Shoes of the Fisherman The Shoes of the Fisherman
  • David Janssen in Hell to Eternity Hell to Eternity
  • David Janssen in To Hell and Back To Hell and Back
  • David Janssen in Francis the Talking Mule / Francis Goes... Francis the Talking Mule / Francis Goes...
  • David Janssen in The Green Berets The Green Berets
  • David Janssen in Two-Minute Warning Two-Minute Warning
  • David Janssen in Yankee Buccaneer / Double Crossbones Yankee Buccaneer / Double Crossbones
  • David Janssen in Centennial: The Complete Series Centennial: The Complete Series
  • David Janssen in You Are There: The Outlaws You Are There: The Outlaws
  • David Janssen in The Fugitive The Fugitive
  • David Janssen in Behind Enemy Lines Behind Enemy Lines