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Debra Winger was born May 16, 1955, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Prior to acting, she spent three months serving in the Israeli Army. A 1977 debut in the teen sex comedy Slumber Party '57 and her regular role on TV's "Wonder Woman" garnered no attention, but riding a mechanical bull in her breakthrough film Urban Cowboy (1980) certainly did.

Winger's natural style was most appealing in An Officer and a Gentleman and Terms of Endearment, earning her back-to-back Oscar nominations. Her third nomination came as C.S. Lewis's cancer-stricken American wife in Shadowlands (1993).

Winger's other roles, both comic and dramatic, include Cannery Row, Legal Eagles, The Sheltering Sky and Forget Paris. She took a break from studio films in the late 1990s, returning in 2003 for Radio. She also provided some of the vocals for the title character in E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.

Debra Winger in Radio


2003 PG

When a high school football coach befriends a developmentally disabled man nicknamed "Radio" -- who's the target of teasing -- their friendship raises eyebrows. But Radio's growth under the coach's guidance causes the townsfolk to think differently.

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