Photo of Dee Wallace Dee Wallace

A prolific television and film actress best known for her memorable portrayals of harried mothers, Dee Wallace was born in Kansas City, Kan., on Dec. 14, 1948. After starring in an ad for Imperial Margarine at age 8, she earned a theater degree and taught high school English for a year before moving to New York to pursue her craft.

The groundbreaking sci-fi film E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) gave the actress a chance to show off her skills alongside a cast of gifted young actors that included Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore. The following year, she starred in the high-profile horror project Cujo (1983), protecting a young Danny Pintauro from a rabid dog. But as well-known as those films have become, Wallace has never enjoyed the same name recognition.

Other notable credits include The Stepford Wives (1975), The Hills Have Eyes (1977) and The Howling (1981).

Dee Wallace in Extraordinary Measures

Extraordinary Measures

2010 PG

After their two young children are diagnosed with a rare genetic disease for which conventional medicine has no cure, John and Aileen pin their hopes on the work of unconventional scientist Dr. Robert Stonehill and form a company to develop a drug.

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