Photo of Demi Moore Demi Moore

From an unsettled childhood to a stint as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood and subsequent retreat from the public eye, actress Demi Moore's life has been a study in contrasts. Born Nov. 11, 1962, in Roswell, N.M., Moore dropped out of school at age 16 to pursue a career in acting.

Moore landed a part on "General Hospital" in 1982, but her breakout role came three years later when she appeared in the Brat Pack classic St. Elmo's Fire. In 1987, her fame received another boost when she wed actor Bruce Willis. During the 1990s, Moore enjoyed a string of box office successes, including Ghost, A Few Good Men and Indecent Proposal.

Following the failure of her marriage and the debacle that was The Scarlet Letter (1995), Moore retreated to her home in Hailey, Idaho. In 2003, she returned to the spotlight with Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, and in 2005, she married actor Ashton Kutcher.

Demi Moore in Wild Oats

Wild Oats

2016 PG-13

Eva (Shirley MacLaine), a widow and retired history teacher, enjoys a quiet life. Everything changes when she receives a life insurance check accidentally made out for $5,000,000 instead of the expected $50,000. At the not-so-gentle urging her best friend Maddie (Jessica Lange), Eva deposits the money and the two friends head to the Canary Islands with every intention of living it up. But their fantasy is short-lived when they discover that they have become media sensations overnight. Fugitives from justice, the two are forced to outwit a trio of con men, led by the local Wine "warlord", Carlos (Santiago Segura), outmaneuver a dogged life insurance agent Vespucci (Howard Hesseman).

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