Photo of Don Don "The Dragon" Wilson



2005 R

When a call girl witnesses a gangland hit, she becomes the mob's next target, and the only people who can save her are mismatched cops Danny Tyler (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) and Phil Yordan (Olivier Gruner). The pair quickly become targets as well, and all three are soon on the run. But is one of them secretly tipping off their pursuers? That's what each member of the trio begins to wonder as they narrowly escape extermination time and again.

  • Don Ring of Fire 3: Lion Strike
  • Don The Last Sentinel
  • Don Kung Fu Theater: New York Chinatown
  • Don Cyber Tracker
  • Don Hollywood Safari
  • Don King of the Cage: Knockout Nightmare
  • Don Modern Warriors: The Martial Way
  • Don Mass Destruction
  • Don King of the Cage: Double Cross
  • Don King of the Cage: Bad Intentions
  • Don X-treme Fighter