Photo of Dougray Scott Dougray Scott

Born Nov. 25, 1965, in Glenrothes, Scotland, Dougray Scott launched his acting career appearing in regional theatre and via small roles on television. In 1995, he landed his first significant part, playing a major on the popular British series "Soldier Soldier."

With his career on the upswing, Scott was tapped to play a corrupt detective in 1997's Twin Town -- a modest hit that led to his casting as Prince Henry in Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998). Scott's fame grew with his villainous turn as a renegade spy in the epic action-thriller Mission: Impossible II (2000), and he rated star status in his next film, Enigma (2001).

Returning to the small screen in 2006, Scott joined the cast of "Desperate Housewives," portraying Teri Hatcher's love interest in an 18-episode story arc. His later work of note includes Hitman (2007), My Week with Marilyn (2011) and the Netflix original series "Hemlock Grove."

Dougray Scott in Ripley's Game

Ripley's Game

2003 R

John Malkovich stars as cool and conniving Tom Ripley, an American expatriate who lures a mild-mannered picture framer (Dougray Scott) with a terminal illness into a web of theft and murder in this adaptation of the crime novel by Patricia Highsmith. Ripley manipulates the intricate plot until a gang of Russian mobsters arrives and the game spins out of control. The film is one of several that features Highsmith's complicated Ripley character.

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