Photo of Elisabeth Moss Elisabeth Moss

An ambitious former child actress who took her cues from silver-screen icon Bette Davis, Elisabeth Moss was born July 24, 1982, in Los Angeles. She was so serious about her craft that she graduated from high school two years early, allowing her to book more jobs and flesh out her résumé.

The year 1999 proved fruitful for Moss, who appeared in the ensemble comedy Mumford and in a small but powerful role as a burn victim in Girl, Interrupted. She also landed a permanent spot playing the president's youngest daughter on the hit television drama "The West Wing" (1999-2006), literally growing up in front of the cameras during the course of the show's seven-season run.

In the wake of "The West Wing," Moss went on to earn a pair of Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe nod for her subtle portrayal of 1960s secretary turned copywriter Peggy Olson on the roundly praised period drama "Mad Men."

Elisabeth Moss in Truth


2015 R

In this dramatic re-creation of news anchor Dan Rather's fall from grace, his stellar career comes to an abrupt end after erroneously reporting that President George W. Bush received preferential treatment that kept him from serving in Vietnam.

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