Photo of Ferdinando Baldi Ferdinando Baldi

Ferdinando Baldi in The Spaghetti West

The Spaghetti West

2005 NR

This fascinating documentary from the Independent Film Channel traces the history of the spaghetti Western, a genre that got its name because most of the movies were produced by Italian film studios. Relying on clips from memorable oaters such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and A Fistful of Dollars -- as well as interviews with key actors, directors and fans -- this presentation celebrates the cult films whose influence continues to endure.

  • Ferdinando Baldi in Texas, Adios Texas, Adios
  • Ferdinando Baldi in Son of Samson / Son of Cleopatra Son of Samson / Son of Cleopatra
  • Ferdinando Baldi in Blindman / Massacre Time Blindman / Massacre Time
  • Ferdinando Baldi in Warbus / Tiger Joe Warbus / Tiger Joe