Photo of George Kuchar George Kuchar

George Kuchar in American Avant Garde Film: 1947-1986

Treasures IV: American Avant Garde Film: 1947-1986

1947 NR

Jam-packed with more than two dozen experimental films from 1947 through 1986, this compilation of shorts includes the work of Andy Warhol, Shirley Clarke, Bruce Baillie and other avant-garde filmmakers. The diverse pieces range from live action to animation and from documentary to drama. Other directors include Wallace Berman, Stan Brakhage, Marie Menken, Ron Rice, Pat O'Neill, Larry Gottheim and many more.

  • George Kuchar in Sins of the Fleshapoids Sins of the Fleshapoids
  • George Kuchar in Screamplay Screamplay
  • George Kuchar in It Came from Kuchar It Came from Kuchar