Photo of Graciela Beltran Graciela Beltran

Graciela Beltran in Graciela Beltrán: La Historia

Graciela Beltrán: La Historia

2003 NR

Latin pop sensation Graciela Beltrán sings some of her best-loved hits in this compilation of 10 music videos. Since she rose to fame after releasing her first album in 1989, Beltran has garnered a huge fan following. The songs include "Que Va," "Sigue Tu Ruta," "Se Me Notan Tus Besos," "Robame un Beso," "Mi Corazon Es Tuyo," "Tesoro," "Paloma Triste," "Hasta Que Amanezca," "Están Lloviendo Lágrimas" and "Pilares de Cristal."