Photo of Greta Scacchi Greta Scacchi

Born Feb. 18, 1960, in Milan, Italy, but raised in England and Australia, Greta Scacchi studied acting at the venerated Bristol Old Vic Theatre and made her silver-screen debut in the 1982 German drama The Second Face.

Scacchi's best-known roles include ingenues and femmes fatale in movies such as Heat and Dust (1983) and the thriller Presumed Innocent (1990). Her refined looks have also played well in period fare such as Country Life (1994), Emma (1996), The Red Violin (1998) and the telefilm Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny (1996), for which she received an Emmy award and a Golden Globe nod. In 2007, the actress earned a second Emmy nomination for her portrayal of a Wild West prostitute in the miniseries "Broken Trail" opposite Robert Duvall.

Other notable films for Scacchi include The Player (1992), Jefferson in Paris (1995) and Beyond the Sea (2004).

Greta Scacchi in Masterpiece Classic: Miss Austen Regrets

Masterpiece Classic: Miss Austen Regrets

2008 NR

When her young niece (Imogen Poots) enlists her help in finding a husband, novelist Jane Austen (Olivia Williams) -- who shunned marriage for life as a single woman -- takes stock of her own romantic past. Greta Scacchi and Samuel Roukin also star in this made-for-television "Masterpiece Theatre" drama based on Austen's life and her actual correspondence with friends, family and would-be suitors.

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