Photo of Guido Basso Guido Basso

Guido Basso in One Take: Vol. 1: Lorne Lofsky, Etc.

One Take: Vol. 1: Lorne Lofsky, Guido Basso, Joey DeFrancesco & Vito Rezza

2008 NR

Get an inside look at the making of a once-in-a-lifetime album, the first in the "One Take" series. The brainchild of Toronto producer Peter Cardinali, the project features four renowned jazz artists performing seven numbers in one continuous take. Unaltered by edits or overdubs, Guido Basso, Lorne Lofsky, Vito Rezza and Joey DeFrancesco demonstrate the pure power of improvisation. Songs include "Walkin'" "My Romance" and "How Insensitive."