Photo of Guy Pearce Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce was born in Cambridgeshire, England, on Oct. 5, 1967. When he was 3, his family moved to Geelong, Victoria, in Australia, where his father died in a plane crash five years later. Drawn to performing at an early age, by his teens, Pearce was acting in local theater and also won the Mr. Junior Victoria bodybuilding competition.

With a role on the Australian soap "Neighbours," he became a teen idol and went on to stardom in Aussie TV and movies. Most Americans first saw him in the worldwide hit The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Pearce made his Hollywood breakthrough in the 1997 critical smash L.A. Confidential, despite initial studio hesitance to cast him opposite another Aussie actor, Russell Crowe, in the same film.

Rave reviews for L.A. Confidential propelled Pearce into lead roles in Ravenous, Memento, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Time Machine (2002).

Guy Pearce in Genius


2016 PG-13

Featuring a stellar cast, this absorbing biopic focuses on the long and complicated relationship between Max Perkins, famed literary editor at Scribner's publishing house, and acclaimed writer Thomas Wolfe.

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