Photo of Harry Semels Harry Semels

Harry Semels in Three Stooges: Vol. 1: 1934-1936

The Three Stooges Collection: Vol. 1: 1934-1936

1934 NR

Featuring the first 19 short films the slapstick comedic icons made for Columbia Pictures -- each of them beautifully restored and remastered -- this rousing Three Stooges collection is packed with a host of fan favorites and classic gems. Titles include "Women Haters," "Men in Black," "Punch Drunks," "Pop Goes the Easel," "Pardon My Scotch," "Ants in the Pantry," "A Pain in the Pullman," "Half-Shot Shooters" and "Disorder in the Courts."

  • Harry Semels in Hawk of the Hills Hawk of the Hills
  • Harry Semels in Texas Buddies Texas Buddies
  • Harry Semels in Young Blood Young Blood
  • Harry Semels in Drum Taps Drum Taps
  • Harry Semels in Buster Keaton: 65th Anniversary Buster Keaton: 65th Anniversary