Photo of Henry Jaglom Henry Jaglom

Few people are lukewarm about Henry Jaglom's films. Short on structure and often devoid of traditional narrative, what they offer instead (in movies such as 1990's Eating and 1995's Last Summer in the Hamptons) is a startling authenticity that comes as a result of his improvisational process.

Born Jan. 26, 1941, in London, Jaglom was raised in New York City and trained at the Actor's Studio. After appearing in off-Broadway shows and cabaret, Jaglom moved to Los Angeles in the late 1960s, where he became a Columbia Pictures contract player, turning up on TV shows such as "Gidget."

Using the money he earned from acting to fund his directorial endeavors, Jaglom made his first feature in 1971, the universally panned A Safe Place; it would be five years before he made his second picture, Tracks (starring Dennis Hopper). Jaglom's later films include Lucky Ducks (1993) and Babyfever (1994).

Henry Jaglom in National Lampoon's Movie Madness

National Lampoon's Movie Madness

1982 R

Fortified with the outrageous humor that made classics out of Animal House and Vacation, National Lampoon's trilogy of hilarious spoofs pokes fun at everything from marital strife to serial killers. The laughs keep coming as a husband and wife take separate vacations; a fed-up stripper seeks revenge on her enemies; and two mismatched cops track a killer. Peter Riegert, Diane Lane, Robert Culp, Richard Widmark and Robby Benson star.

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