Photo of Hilary Swank Hilary Swank

Born July 30, 1974, in Bellingham, Wa., Hilary Swank was discovered in childhood by producer Suzy Sachs. While training as an actress, Swank was also a champion swimmer and gymnast. She made her film debut in the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) and, two years later, beat out hundreds of auditionees for the title role of The Next Karate Kid.

Small films and TV work (including a regular stint on "Beverly Hills 90210") followed until her next big break. In 1999, Swank was cast as Brandon/Teena, the gender-troubled protagonist of Boys Don't Cry (made on such a lean budget that she was reportedly paid a total of $3000).

The film's surprise critical success resulted in a Best Actress Academy Award -- and stardom -- for Swank. Since then, she's also garnered favorable notices for The Gift, Insomnia, The Affair of the Necklace and The Core.

Hilary Swank in The Gift

The Gift

2000 R

When the authorities find a drowned woman's body, a small-town psychic starts having visions of who committed the murder, which means she's the only one who can testify to what truly happened and that she could be the killer's next target.

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