Photo of Holly Hunter Holly Hunter

Known for taking smart risks with roles and character-driven films outside the mainstream, actress Holly Hunter continues to give performances that move audiences and win critical acclaim from the Oscars to the Golden Globes to film festivals around the world.

Hunter was born March 20, 1958, in Conyers, Ga., and began acting at an early age. After theatrical training at Carnegie Mellon University, performances on Broadway and a few years in bit parts, Hunter starred in the quirky Coen Brothers comedy Raising Arizona (1987). Oscar-nominated turns in Broadcast News and The Firm followed.

Hunter finally struck Oscar gold with her performance as a mute Scottish woman in Jane Campion's The Piano. She's stayed in the spotlight with O Brother, Where Art Thou? and smaller festival films, notably the 2003 Sundance hit Thirteen, for which she received yet another Oscar nod. Her television series debut in "Saving Grace" earned her back-to-back Emmy nods.

Holly Hunter in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

2016 PG-13

Superegos battle in superhero fashion while a new threat emerges in this sequel to "Man of Steel." With Batman decamping Gotham City for Metropolis to take on a Superman who's become too powerful, trouble brews for the rest of humanity.

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