Photo of Hsueh Li Pao Hsueh Li Pao

Hsueh Li Pao in Odd Couple / Breakout/ Revenge/ Two Graves

Odd Couple / Breakout from Oppression / Revenge of the Patriots / Two Graves to Kung Fu

1973 NR

Comic martial arts rivals, a hero bent on avenging the murder of innocent girls, patriotic bodyguards protecting a princess from assassins and a kung fu pupil who challenges his corrupt master all add up to non-stop action in this quadruple feature. "Odd Couple" stars Sammo Hung Kam-Bo and Chia Yung Liu, "Breakout from Oppression" stars Chia Hui Liu, "Revenge of the Patriots" stars Bruce Li and "Two Graves to Kung Fu" stars Lung Ti.

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