Photo of Isla Fisher Isla Fisher

Although Isla Fisher first captured the attention of American audiences with her zany turn as a sex-crazed bridesmaid in Wedding Crashers (2005), the actress has been working steadily in television and film since age 9.

Born to Scottish parents on Feb. 3, 1976, in Muscat, Oman, Fisher spent most of her young life in Australia, where in 1994, she began appearing in the long-running soap opera "Home and Away." Fisher followed her on-the-job dramatic training with studies at Paris's prestigious Jacques Lecoq School, where she acquired her formidable comedic chops.

In 2002, Fisher got her first big break stateside when she appeared as Shaggy's girlfriend, Mary Jane, in Scooby-Doo. Her star on the rise, Fisher has since appeared in a diverse array of films, including I Heart Huckabees, London, The Lookout and Definitely, Maybe. In 2008, she lent her voice to Horton Hears a Who!

Isla Fisher in Keeping Up with the Joneses

Keeping Up with the Joneses

2016 PG-13

After moving into a sleepy suburban cul-de-sac, a married couple starts to suspect that their new neighbors are undercover government agents -- suspicions that are confirmed when the couple gets entangled in a case of global espionage.

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