Photo of Jerry Orbach Jerry Orbach

Best known for his 12-year stint as Det. Lenny Briscoe on the TV series "Law & Order," Jerry Orbach was born Oct. 20, 1935, in New York City (the Bronx).

After attending Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., he returned to the Big Apple in 1955, where he kicked off his showbiz career with "The Threepenny Opera" and studied drama under Lee Strasberg at the Actor's Studio. Orbach's other notable stage work includes "The Fantastiks," "Guys and Dolls" and "Promises, Promises," for which he won a Tony Award in 1969. In the 1980s, he began to move progressively into films and television, landing recurring guest roles on "Murder, She Wrote" and "The Golden Girls" (earning an Emmy nod for the latter).

Among Orbach's memorable movies are Prince of the City (1981), Dirty Dancing (1987) and Mr. Saturday Night (1992). The versatile star died of prostate cancer Dec. 28, 2004.

Jerry Orbach in Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

1991 G

In this modern-day Disney animated classic set in 18th-century France, young Belle yearns to escape her ordinary existence -- and her village's boorish suitors -- until she becomes imprisoned in the mansion of a hideous, coldhearted beast. Can Belle help the monster revive the man within?

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