Photo of John Forsythe John Forsythe

Blessed with a distinctive baritone voice that would become imprinted on pop culture, John Forsythe was born Jan. 29, 1918, in Penns Grove, N.J. After graduating from college at age 18, Forsythe -- a baseball fanatic -- landed a gig as the Dodgers announcer at Ebbets Field.

In the early 1940s, Forsythe made his way to Hollywood, where Warner Bros. inked him as a bit player. He soon began building his résumé on television and hit pay dirt in 1957 as the star of the sitcom "Bachelor Father." But it was his role as the voice of Charlie Townsend in the iconic series "Charlie's Angels" (1976-81) and his Golden Globe-winning turn as oilman Blake Carrington in "Dynasty" (1981-89) that made Forsythe a household name to generations of fans.

Though his film work was sporadic, Forsythe's notable efforts include In Cold Blood (1967), And Justice for All (1979) and Scrooged (1988). He died April 1, 2010.

John Forsythe in ...And Justice for All

...And Justice for All

1979 R

America's justice system comes under indictment in director Norman Jewison's penetrating film starring Al Pacino as upstanding attorney Arthur Kirkland, who's tasked with defending a hard-line -- and tainted -- judge (John Forsythe) standing trial for rape. Kirkland has a history with the judge, who jailed one of the lawyer's clients on a technicality. So when the judge confesses his guilt, Kirkland faces an ethical and legal quandary.

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