Photo of John Ortiz John Ortiz

Born May 23, 1968, in Brooklyn, N.Y., John Ortiz grew up in the borough's working-class Bushwick neighborhood, the son of Puerto Rican parents. He made his big-screen debut as Al Pacino's cousin in Carlito's Way (1993) and later co-founded the New York City-based LAByrinth Theater Company with fellow actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

In 2008, Ortiz picked up a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination as part of the ensemble cast of American Gangster. He also received an Independent Spirit Award nod for his work in the character-driven Jack Goes Boating (2010), reprising a role that he originated on stage.

Ortiz's other résumé highlights include turns in the big-screen adaptation of Miami Vice (2006), Fast & Furious (2009) and co-starring with Dustin Hoffman in the HBO gambling drama "Luck" (2011).

John Ortiz in Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island

2017 PG-13

When a team of scientists sets out to survey a remote Pacific island, they're unaware that they're intruding on the home of legendary giant ape King Kong. But after Kong discovers their presence, the expedition becomes a harrowing fight for survival.

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