Photo of Justin Bartha Justin Bartha

Born July 21, 1978, in West Bloomfield, Mich., Justin Bartha studied acting at New York University before gaining a toehold in the movie business by serving as a production assistant on the 1999 box office hit Analyze This. Later that year, Bartha appeared on screen in the short film "Tag."

Small parts in the 2003 feature films Gigli and Carnival Sun followed, but it wasn't until he played opposite Nicolas Cage in the action flick National Treasure (2004) that Bartha became known to mainstream audiences. In 2006, he made the most of a supporting role in Failure to Launch, and in that same year he landed the lead role on the sitcom "Teachers."

Bartha has also worked behind the camera, writing and directing the short film "Highs and Lows," which screened at the South by Southwest Film Festival in 2003.

Justin Bartha in The Hangover: Part III

The Hangover: Part III

2013 R

Capitalizing on the success of two previous Hangovers, Phil and the boys set out on another road trip and soon find their plans reduced to chaos. Before the dust settles, the gang will have to figure out how to rescue Alan from a mental hospital.

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