Photo of Kevin Dillon Kevin Dillon

Born Aug. 19, 1965, in Mamaroneck, N.Y., actor Kevin Dillon was discovered by an agent at the 1982 premiere of Tex, a teen drama starring Kevin's older brother Matt Dillon. Kevin found early success in the Oliver Stone films Platoon (1986) and The Doors (1991) but languished mostly in smaller parts throughout the next two decades.

Though he did score recurring roles as Officer Neil Baker on "NYPD Blue" and Lonnie McRae on "24," it wasn't until 2004 that Dillon hit his stride and recharged his career with the HBO comedy "Entourage," earning multiple Emmy nods for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

Slyly cast as the less-famous brother of movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), Dillon was a hilarious scene-stealer as Johnny "Drama" Chase, a pompous and insecure actor trying to jump-start his own flailing career.

Kevin Dillon in Platoon


1986 R

Helmed by Oliver Stone, this searing autobiographical drama chronicles the Vietnam experiences of naive volunteer soldier Chris Taylor, whose view of the conflict starts to change after witnessing murder and rape at the hands of his compatriots.

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