Photo of Kyle Chandler Kyle Chandler

A film and television actor with the eyes of an everyman, Kyle Chandler was born Sept. 17, 1965, in Buffalo, N.Y. He was raised on a small farm in Georgia and earned a drama degree from the state's flagship university, making his way to Los Angeles with help from a roving talent scout.

Although Chandler's résumé includes several small roles in big-screen fare -- such as the ambitious 2005 remake of King Kong -- his most well-received work has aired on television. His brief but memorable turn as a bomb-squad leader on "Grey's Anatomy" earned him a 2006 Emmy nod for outstanding guest actor in a drama series.

Chandler is best known, however, for his Emmy-nominated role as high school football coach Eric Taylor on "Friday Night Lights" (2006-10), a primetime drama adapted from the feature film of the same name. He also co-starred with Jamie Foxx in the 2007 thriller The Kingdom.

Kyle Chandler in Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea

2016 R

While working as a handyman in Boston, taciturn loner Lee Chandler gets word that his brother Joe has died of a coronary. After returning to the siblings' hometown, Lee receives another shock: He's been named legal guardian of Joe's 16-year-old son.

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