Photo of Lasse Hallström Lasse Hallström

Born June 2, 1946, in Stockholm, Sweden, Lasse Hallström made his professional filmmaking debut while in high school when a short movie he made about a local band appeared on Swedish television. This led to more TV work, and in 1975 he directed his first feature, A Guy and a Gal.

Hallström followed up with several romantic comedies, but it wasn't until 1985 that he gained the attention of audiences outside Sweden with his poignantly comic My Life As a Dog. Despite receiving an Oscar nod and international acclaim, Hallström didn't cross the Atlantic to make a film until 1991 with Once Around starring Holly Hunter.

Hallström's next movie -- the coming-of-age tale What's Eating Gilbert Grape? -- cemented his reputation in Tinseltown. He's since made a string of successful films, including the Oscar-nominated The Cider House Rules (1999), Chocolat (2000) and The Shipping News (2001).

Lasse Hallström in Safe Haven

Safe Haven

2013 PG-13

This adaptation of the novel by Nicholas Sparks centers on a mysterious woman who arrives in a small North Carolina town and begins a new life but remains haunted by the terrifying secret that prompted her to travel across the country.

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