Photo of Lloyd Bridges Lloyd Bridges

Though he made more than 150 films during his six-decade Hollywood career, Lloyd Bridges became a household name as the star of television's classic series "Sea Hunt." Born Jan. 13, 1913, in San Leandro, Calif., he developed an interest in acting while attending the University of California at Los Angeles.

Bridges worked in stock companies, graduated to Broadway and in 1936 began appearing in uncredited bit parts in movies. His first leading role came in She's a Soldier Too (1944), followed by meaty parts in A Walk in the Sun (1945), the prophetic 16 Fathoms Deep (1948), High Noon (1952) and The Rainmaker (1956).

Graylisted during the legendary Red Purge of the mid-1950s, Bridges transitioned to the small screen but returned to the big screen with a bang in the 1980 spoof Airplane and its 1982 sequel. Bridges, the father of actors Jeff and Beau, died in Los Angeles March 10, 1998.

Lloyd Bridges in Tucker: The Man and His Dream

Tucker: The Man and His Dream

1988 PG

Unimpressed with the cars being built following World War II, Preston Tucker dreams of building a more stylish car. But even with the help of his business-savvy wife and mechanic son, Tucker faces roadblocks -- mainly from the auto industry itself.

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