Photo of Marka Gajczaka Marka Gajczaka

Marka Gajczaka in The Underneath: A Sensual Obsession

The Underneath: A Sensual Obsession

2006 NR

With her husband Piotr's (Zbigniew Kaleta) writing career flagging, Iza (Beata Kozikowska) decides to introduce him to her ex-boyfriend Michal (Tomasz Karolak), who can use Piotr at his ad agency. Understandably reluctant, Piotr nevertheless accompanies Iza for a weekend at Michal's country home. But Piotr's fears of sparks between Iza and Michal are eclipsed by his own lust for Ania (Magdalena Boczarska), Michal's new love.