Photo of Marlene Dietrich Marlene Dietrich

With a sexual ambiguity that only added to her allure, legendary screen siren Marlene Dietrich was for a time cinema's highest-paid actress. American audiences, however, never truly embraced her, and her movie career waxed and waned with the public's affection. But ever the performer, Dietrich was usually touring in her stage show when not making films.

Born Dec. 27, 1901, in Berlin, Dietrich was a popular German cabaret performer in the 1920s when she caught the eye of director Josef von Sternberg, who cast her in his 1930 film The Blue Angel. This led to a contract with Paramount and a role in Morocco, earning her an Oscar nomination and overnight stardom.

Other important films for Dietrich include Shanghai Express (1932), Destry Rides Again (with James Stewart), Fritz Lang's Rancho Notorious (1952) and Orson Welles's Touch of Evil (1958). She died May 6, 1992, at age 90.

Marlene Dietrich in Stage Fright

Stage Fright

1950 NR

Alfred Hitchcock takes Selwyn Jepson's novel, preserves all the thrills from the page and adds a dash of his own. Eve Gil (Jane Wyman), a drama student studying in London, learns that a friend, John Cooper (Richard Todd), has been implicated in the death of the husband of his lover, actress Charlotte Inwood (Marlene Dietrich). John has a plan to prove himself innocent, but needs Eve's help, not to mention her talent. Can they pull it off?

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