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Director, producer, screenwriter and playwright Mike Leigh was born Feb. 20, 1943, in Salford, England, and graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. In the 1960s, Leigh did extensive work for British television, where he formed an appreciation for the English working class and his trademark improvisational style.

Leigh's feature debut was the now-obscure Bleak Moments (1971), followed by more shorts and TV movies. The theatrical releases of High Hopes (1988) and Life Is Sweet (1990) gained widespread critical admiration on both sides of the Atlantic. Naked (1993) earned Leigh a Best Director Award from the Cannes Film Festival, while Secrets & Lies (1996) landed Oscar nominations for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay. He earned another writing nod for the Gilbert and Sullivan biopic Topsy Turvy (1999).

Other Leigh films include Career Girls (1997) and Vera Drake (2004).

Mike Leigh in Happy-Go-Lucky


2008 R

When someone steals her beloved bike, eternally cheerful schoolteacher "Poppy" Cross takes up driving and is paired with a sour instructor -- who's both attracted to and repelled by Poppy in this upbeat slice-of-life tale.

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