Photo of Mohamet Sissoko Mohamet Sissoko

Mohamet Sissoko in Mamady Keita & Sewa Kan: Couleur Cafe

Mamady Keita & Sewa Kan: Live at Couleur Café

2004 NR

Mamady Keita and his ace percussion ensemble Sewa Kan bring the beating heart of West Africa to the Coleur Café Festival in Brussels with this energetic 2004 concert of djembe drumming. Hailed as one of the planet's greatest djembe players, Keita demonstrates his prodigious skills on such tracks as "Anta," "Djagbe," "Mendiani," "Kognonfoli," "Djabara," "Sunu," "Tiriba," "Kassa," "Fe" and "Mamady Lee."