Photo of Neill Blomkamp Neill Blomkamp

A pioneering director known for blending live-action and computer-generated elements, Neill Blomkamp was born Sept. 17, 1979, in Johannesburg, South Africa. He began tinkering with computer animation as a teen and later moved to Canada with his parents, where he trained at the Vancouver Film School.

As a young visual-effects artist, Blomkamp enhanced the look of American television shows such as "Smallville" and "Dark Angel." He also distinguished himself as a sought-after director of commercials for clients such as Nike and Microsoft.

In 2009, Blomkamp delivered a feature-length stunner with the visually arresting District 9, a futuristic allegory based on real events in apartheid-era South Africa. The film received an Academy Award nod for Best Picture and earned him shared Oscar and BAFTA nominations (with Terri Tatchell) for Best Adapted Screenplay, along with a BAFTA nod as Best Director.

Neill Blomkamp in District 9

District 9

2009 R

When aliens land on Earth, a global conglomerate forces them into rigid containment zones where they are compelled to labor, even as their otherworldly technology is exploited for profit. As tensions build, a rogue agent leads a resistance movement.

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