Photo of Paky Valente Paky Valente

Paky Valente in Hell / Bridge / Warbus 2 / Apocalypse

Inglorious Bastards 2: Hell Heroes / Bridge to Hell / Warbus 2 / Apocalypse Mercenaries

1986 NR

Murder, mayhem and machine guns are in ample supply in this testosterone-filled B-movie quadruple bill from grind house directors Stelvio Massi, Umberto Lenzi, Pierluigi Ciriaci and Leandro Lucchetti. Fred Williamson reprises his role in Inglorious Bastards 2; POWs face the Nazis in Bridge to Hell; a special forces op is sent on a suicide mission in Warbus 2; and soldiers for hire attack a German command center in Apocalypse Mercenaries.