Photo of Paul Greengrass Paul Greengrass

Born Aug. 13, 1955, in Cheam, England, director Paul Greengrass studied filmmaking at Cambridge before going to work for Granada Television, where he served as a producer for the hard-hitting documentary series "World in Action."

In 1989, Greengrass made his directorial debut with Resurrected, a film that established the strong political voice and harshly realistic style he would become known for. Greengrass continued to deal with political topics in small-screen movies such as Open Fire before returning to the big screen with 1998's The Theory of Flight.

In 2002, Greengrass received critical acclaim for his documentary-style Bloody Sunday, and in 2004, he achieved his first major box office success with The Bourne Supremacy. Tapped to direct United 93 in 2006, Greengrass used a largely unknown cast to deliver a stark portrait of the Sept. 11 tragedy (which earned him his first Oscar nod).

Paul Greengrass in Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne

2016 PG-13

Back for another high-stakes, high-octane thriller, superspy Jason Bourne plays cat and mouse with covert government agencies and terrorist rings while edging closer to unraveling the mystery of his real identity.

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