Photo of Penelope Mitchell Penelope Mitchell

Born in Prahran, Australia, fresh-faced newcomer Penelope Mitchell has worked as a model and an actress in her native land. She's the cousin of actress Radha Mitchell of Finding Neverland fame.

Mitchell's résumé includes guest roles on the Aussie television series "Rush" and "Offspring," along with appearances in the indie feature films The Joe Manifesto and 6 Plots (both 2012). She also serves as the host of "Toon Time," an Australian variety show that mixes classic Warner Bros. cartoons with live-action comedy segments.

In 2012, Mitchell joined the cast of the Netflix original horror series "Hemlock Grove," playing a Pennsylvania woman who believes she was impregnated by an angel.

Penelope Mitchell in Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove

2013 TV-MA

In this Emmy-nominated horror series from director Eli Roth and novelist Brian McGreevy, the mangled corpse of a teenager causes suspicion to spread like a plague through the former steel town of Hemlock Grove, where many dark secrets lurk.

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