Photo of Pigface Pigface

Pigface in Pigface '90-'96

Pigface '90-'96

1990 NR

Follow the career of industrial rocker Martin Atkins and his band Pigface in this document of their first six years. The program includes the performance films Glitch (1993) and Son of a Glitch (1996), as well as backstage footage. All the raging Pigface classics are here, including "Alles Ist Mein," "Autohag," "Suck," "7 Words," "The Image of Red," "Satellite," "Divebomber," "You on Your Own" and "Murder, Inc."

  • Pigface in Pigface: Glitch & Son of a Glitch Pigface: Glitch & Son of a Glitch
  • Pigface in Gothic Industrial Madness Gothic Industrial Madness
  • Pigface in Pigface: Free for All Pigface: Free for All