Photo of Piper Perabo Piper Perabo

A Texas transplant whose foresighted parents named her after actress Piper Laurie, Piper Perabo was born Oct. 31, 1976, in Dallas and grew up in suburban New Jersey. She studied theater at Ohio University and launched her career with the indie film Whiteboyz (1999).

Despite a featured role in the star-studded, live-action comedy The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000), Perabo remained a relative unknown until she hopped onto a bar to play the lead in Coyote Ugly later that year. She went on to find her niche as a likable face of lighthearted fare, including Cheaper by the Dozen (2003) and Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008).

Perabo ultimately earned credibility on the small screen playing a snappy spy on the USA Network original series "Covert Affairs" (2010-). The action-heavy part brought her first Golden Globe nod, along with the chance to prove she's more than just a pretty face.

Piper Perabo in Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly

2017 R

Reclusive screenwriter Paul is suffering from a case of writer's block when he crosses paths with edgy drifter Jack and offers him shelter. But Paul soon discovers he's made a big mistake as Jack holds him hostage and forces him to pen a script.

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