Photo of Rachel Hunter Rachel Hunter

A model by the time she was 17 and married to a rock star (Rod Stewart) more than 20 years her senior by the time she was 21, Rachel Hunter spent much of her young adulthood famous for being, well, famous. Born Sept. 9, 1969, in Auckland, New Zealand, Hunter achieved supermodel status with her appearance in the 1989 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.

Over the next decade, Hunter continued to grace the covers of major magazines while also raising two kids and earning record sums for her modeling appearances and endorsements, including a reported $1.8 million fee for posing topless for Playboy.

Also during this time, Hunter began to take acting lessons -- training that's paid off with parts in independent films such as 1999's A Walk in the Park and 2000's Two Shades of Blue, as well as the 2006 hit comedy The Benchwarmers.

Rachel Hunter in Ozzie


2001 NR

Toymaker Maxine Happy (Joan Collins) sends two burly blowhards into the Australian hinterland to kidnap Ozzie, a talking koala. Her scheme is to clone endless Ozzies to sell as talking pets. But there's a switcheroo, and 8-year-old Justin (Spencer Breslin) ends up taking Ozzie back home to the States. With the bad guys in hot pursuit, Justin must break all the rules to save the mouthy marsupial from the clutches of corporate greed.

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